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Cleantec Event Management

These days, event management services are in high demand, as more events are being arranged in increasing numbers. Over the past ten to fifteen years, the event management industry has witnessed huge growth. Each year, across the world, nearly $500 billion is spent on planned events. Cleantec provides event management system under the four section. these are:

Leisure Events

Leisure event management is an interesting and diverse field. It involves managing facilities like sports grounds, recreation centres, parks and entertainment venues. Also, it can involve managing a celebration or festival, sporting contest or concert.

Also, a leisure event manager needs to incorporate value adding measures, to improve the experience of event goers. These measures could be delivered via technology, such as simulators or white knuckle rides in visitor attractions, or screen and sound systems in cinemas. The measures could be delivered through staff management, with service blueprinting to define staff roles in animating, motivating and engaging with customers. Or, the measures could be delivered through other work procedures and customer communication methods, to enhance the service quality, customer flow and circulation. This might encompass ticket purchasing, automatic entry, sight lines and signage, booking systems, and other similar technology that underpins the structure of an event. We offers you a sophisticated leisure event management package.

Cultural Events

Cultural events are meant to enrich the cultural standing of the city in which they are held. Cultural events teams create unique festivals, memorable outdoor spectacles, accessible entertainment and unexpected arts. Often, these teams work alongside local government authorities. Every year, they will plan innovative cultural programmes and events, and advertise and oversee them from start to finish.

Managing a cultural event is a major undertaking. Festivals seem glamorous and exciting but in reality, they are hard work in every respect. Cultural event managers have to deliver an artistic and cultural programme, which will appeal to the public. However, We have to take local sensitivities into account, adhere to strict planning and health and safety rules, and still make a profit.

Personal Events

Invariably, it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to organise a personal event. With catering arrangements, types of menus, guest lists, booking the venue and designing the décor, there are countless details that have to be scheduled and coordinated. We dealt with indoor events and outdoor events as well.

Organisational Events

Organisational events can include political, charitable and commercial events, as well as sales events, such as product launches, etc. A company that hosts an all day event for several thousand people will require catering, entertainment and accommodation arranging for all the guests. Event staff will need to be recruited, a room to host the event will have to be chosen, seating arrangements will need to be determined and obviously, an event budget has to be established. As we are an organisational events management company will have expertise in all of these areas.


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